It is common among people to concentrate on the results rather than the process of something. When talking about laser hair removal, everyone is going to think about the silky smooth hair free skin. However there are things one must know before going for a laser hair removal treatment.

  1. There is no magic:

Laser hair removal procedure is performed with a cosmetic laser that is set up according to your hair and skin type. A concentrated light beam is fired by the laser, directed towards the pigments of the hair follicles. The roots of the hair follicles are destroyed, preventing the hair from growing again.

2. Avoid the sun

This is the most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to laser hair removal treatment. Your doctor will not be able to perform the treatment on a sun tanned skin. It is also recommended to avoid a laser treatment in summers, for often times the heat aggravates the procedure and irritates the skin. However, if you find it absolutely necessary to get a treatment in summers, go for laser hair removal at home.

3. Get waxed before your treatment

Laser hair removal does not work like a spa treatment. The procedure clearly states that it destroys the hair follicles- it does not remove your hair. Therefore before the procedure get yourself waxed at least a week before. The laser will target the pigment of the hair follicle and the follicle needs to be there for proper results.

4. You will get a test patch

There is a 5-10% chance that a cosmetic laser treatment may not suit your skin type. Discoloration, scarring, and pigment problems can be possible side effects. Therefore the physician first tests a small patch of your skin to ensure that your body reacts well to the laser.

5. The duration varies

The duration of a laser treatment varies, depending on the area of the body you are getting a treatment for. Bikini and under arms takes less time as compared to back and legs.

6. Wear eye protectors

You will be curious about how it works. But it is recommended to control your curiosity and avoid looking straight into the laser beam as it is highly injuries to the eyes. Always wear eye protection that your doctor provides. And if you are getting a laser hair removal at home, purchase an eye protectors beforehand.

7. Results depend on skin type

There are levels of a laser treatment. Some skin types can be easily treated, such as dark colored skins. White, red and blonde pigments are the trickiest.

8. It hurts

For those who think it works like massage- it does not. Each time the laser fires you will feel like someone is tweezing your hair out. Keep yourself prepared for a little pain.  

9. Do not wax after treatment

Shaving is all right, but waxing or tweezing right after a laser treatment is like wasting all your money. The hair growth after a laser treatment is only to remove the already existing root, which is likely to fall off on its own after a little while.

10. Avoid perfumes

Do not use perfumes for a week or more if you want to save yourself from burns and infection.

Written by Hailey