How long does laser hair removal last

For those who shave, it is common to find a new growth of hair a day after you have shaved. Whether you have an urgent meeting or a date with your loved one- shaving seems to always top the list of “things to do”

Everyone knows about the struggle to keep the skin free of unwanted hair- waxing, tweezing, shaving, creaming and what not. Keeping those hair off your skin is a quite a dream. With laser hair removal treatment, one can prolong the loss of hair on the unwanted areas of the skin for a very long time. There are however arguments about how long does a hair removal last.

How does it work?

Laser hair removal basically is a process that uses light energy to pass through your skin, destroying the hair follicles individually. As the growth cycle of hair varies from person to person, it is important to understand that the results of a laser treatment depend on the skin type of each person. It is important to note that some hair follicles are not destroyed in the treatment, and it is only after the treatment that one can distinguish how well the treatment has gone. A series of treatment are recommended to target and destroy each hair follicle while it is in its growth cycle. Still, the results may not be 100%.

Permanent hair removal is a myth. One can expect significant reduction of hair after six to ten sessions of laser hair removal. To keep the results permanent, one can undergo maintenance treatment after a year or so.

Laser treatment typically ranges between  $500-$1,000. It is not a painless process, you may feel like a rubber band is melting on your skin. The skin and hair type significantly effects the process. Dark pigmentation on light skin brings about the best laser treatment results. This is because the light is easily detected and engaged by a dark pigment, a reason why it may not work successfully on gray and blonde hair.


Prior to your appointment, ensure that you take all the precautions. It is best to avoid using skin products that have steroids and parabens. Parabens de-colorize the skin which hinders the process of laser hair removal. Avoiding getting a sun tan, as it is going to delay your treatment for a laser treatment cannot be performed on a tanned skin. If you ae taking any multivitamins, discuss it with your doctor. Some vitamins such as Vitamin C effect the color of skin, which may not go well with your treatment.

After care also significantly influences the results of your treatment. Avoid using creams, deodorants, perfumes and wax at least for six weeks after your treatment. This is to prevent side effects and allow your skin to heal. Most people believe that laser hair removal is a magical treatment that requires no maintenance and after care. It is mostly because of the lack of treatment maintenance that people suffer through light to extreme side effects of laser hair removal.

Written by Hailey