The emergence of home laser devices have excite the audience about permanent hair removal solution. Where the idea of permanently getting rid of your hair unwanted hair at home seems quite compelling, it may not be able to leave you with100% satisfactory results. Furthermore, there are a few considerations one should pay heed to:


Permanent hair removal at home has become a popular and affordable solution with products like Silk’n Flash, Go, TRIA Beauty and more. People have readily embraced the idea of getting a treatment done at home, rather than going back to back laser treatment sessions. Of course, it saves you money, effort and time. However, it is important to equip yourself with technical knowledge of the entire laser hair removal process.

  • Laser hair removal is a slow process. Whether you are at a clinic or at home, the treatment requires repeated sessions to ensure permanent hair reduction. Furthermore, the results can promise up to 90% hair reduction and permanent loss of unwanted hair is achieved after a significant period of time with constant maintenance.
  • As laser hair removal process works the best on dark hair on light skin, the results of permanent hair removal at home are as effective as they are at a clinic. This means that people with blonde and gray hair will have to struggle with the limitations of the treatment. Furthermore, as at home you cannot test yourself for side effects, it is best that people with dark complexion avoid using these products and opt for a clinical procedure under a certified professional.
  • Home laser hair removal products aim to work best for bikini, underarm, legs and arm areas. They are not recommended for genitals, breasts and face. There are a few products that claim to be safe for face. However, stay safe than sorry
  • Laser hair removal is not a pain free process. Most of the home products cause less pain compared to the sessions at clinic, but a minor pinching and heat sensation can be expected.
  • Begin with small patches and allow your skin to show results in two weeks. If you experience no burns, itching or irritation then your skin is responding well to the treatment.
  • Most of the home laser hair removal kits are approved to be safe by FDA. However, some of the products are not. Therefore check for the acceptance seal when you purchase a home treatment kit.

How long does it take?

The results depend on the machine/kit you are using and your skin color. Typically it takes about 3 months for the hair reduction to become permanent. The number and manner of usage also significantly effects the results. For desired results, shave a day before treatment as the shaft should be close to the skin when you apply a laser beam on the skin. You can achieve best results when the hair follicle is close to the skin.

Written by Hailey