Tweezing, bleaching, shaving or waxing- whatever the options may be, it is a stress to remove the unwanted hair on skin. The idea of permanent hair removal is everywhere. Men and women across the world are running towards the permanent hair loss solutions. However, the problem with the world is that they believe in myths and distort the facts. Here we unveil the facts associated with laser hair removal, and the myths we are drooling our lives at.

The process:

First of all, the process of laser hair removal works as follows:

A highly concentrated beam of light passed into the hair follicles. The pigment of the skin absorbs this light beam, destroying the root of the hair follicle. Due to the precision, a laser beam is able to target individual follicles, leaving the surrounding area of the skin unaffected. The types of laser treatments are many. With a combination of different wavelengths and facilities, the machines of laser vary in quality and technology. For instance, YAG, diode and the Alexandrite laser are the most advanced and popular technologies. The type of treatment you get depends on the texture of your hair, the skin type and the color of hair.


Myth 1: Laser does not work on dark skin

This is absolutely false. American Academy of Dermatology has recently provided that where laser treatment may work best on dark hair and light skin, others are not completely deprived of the benefits. Does laser hair removal work on dark skin? – It does with a technology that is new and is not yet available at every laser treatment center. The effectiveness of the result varies from 75-80%, which is in terms of how long the hair takes to grow back again.

Myth 2: Permanent hair removal


False. It is a permanent procedure for hair reduction. Laser treatments results into the reduction of hair growth from 40-80% depending on your skin type and color. Maintenance treatment is required to keep your skin free of unwanted hair. Hair electrolysis is the new technology that aims to permanently remove the hair and work differently from laser hair removal.

Myth 3: Laser changes skin color

Yes, but only if you do not follow the precautions. The guidelines clearly state to avoid the sun 5-6 weeks before and after the treatment. For those who use skin products, deodorants and wax after the laser treatment are likely to see side effects of the treatment.

Myth 4: Laser at bikini area affects fertility

Laser only targets the hair follicle. It does not affect the surrounding areas of the skin- and there is absolutely no chance of it penetrating deep enough to hinder the process of your organs.


Saloons and spa that apparently offer dermatologically tested hair removal service are almost a scam. It is a certified procedure and must always be performed at a clinic. Years of experience and certification is what you must seek when it comes to getting a laser hair removal treatment.

Written by Hailey